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The Travel Consultant

In the age of the Internet, people may believe that travel consultants are no longer necessary, but this is simply not true. We'll show you why travel consultants are still in high demand, and how the travel industry continues to grow.

In the first unit of your course, we'll cover some of the basics of the industry. You'll learn exactly what a travel consultant does and the career options you can choose from. You might decide to focus on selling tours and cruises, flights, or a little bit of everything. We'll show you some of the career paths you can choose once you have completed your training and the ways in which you can generate income for yourself. In the sales-driven travel industry, the possibility for earning good income from commissions can be extremely high.

Just for fun, you'll also cover a little travel history. We'll take you back to the time of the ancient Babylonians, when the travel industry was born, and show you how it became the industry it is today. You'll also learn about key dates in the history of travel, such as the birth of rail and air travel, and the death of the steamship.

To complete the general coverage of what a travel consultant does, we'll come back to the present day and show you how to build a basic itinerary. You'll see how careful attention to detail is the key to being a highly successful travel consultant.

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