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Tours and Cruises

Once you get to know your clients and understand their needs, you'll be better able to identify the kind of trips that they'll want to take. In this book, you'll learn about two of the biggest travel products: tours and cruises. These products are also the two that give you the best commissions.

You'll first learn about the different types of tours that are available. You'll quickly see which tours will be best for your clients, and you'll learn how to answer all of their questions. Selling cruises is a great way to earn excellent commissions. However, you will need to fully understand what you are selling. With this text, you'll learn all about the structure of a ship, how the cabins are situated and why it sometimes makes sense for your clients to pay a little more for extra luxuries. We'll explain how you can give your clients "virtual tours" of many of the ships they could sail in. Even if you have never been on a cruise yourself, we'll explain how cruises function and what your clients can expect on a day to day basis. We'll help you get your knowledge in ship-shape!

Many cruises focus on the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Our course covers these as well as cruises in many other parts of the world. You'll learn about niche cruise markets including lake and river cruises. Keep in mind that cruises generally involve tours at every port of call.

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